Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking Methodology

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The Ranking is open to all Master Programs taught in English as well as any other language of instruction.

In order to elaborate its Eduniversal Masters Ranking, Eduniversal rating agency needs the participation of 3 following actors:

  • The international Human Resources professionals.
  • The 1000 Business Schools selected in Eduniversal Official Selection list.
  • The students of the said 1000 Business Schools.

The methodology of this ranking is based on three criteria:

  • The reputation of the programme.
  • The career prospects and the salary level of the first employment after graduation.
  • The satisfaction feedback of the students.

The programme’s reputation criterion is evaluated according to the opinion of the international HR professionals in response to our survey, and also according to the number of « palmes » attributed by Eduniversal to the schools of the Official Selection.

The salary level and the career prospects of the newly-graduated students are evaluated based on the information supplied by the 1000 Business Schools concerned. The salary is indexed to the average annual salary of the country concerned.

The note of the student’s satisfaction feedback of the graduating batch will be derived from a survey conducted with a representative sample of students (response rate of 10% required, with a requirement of at least 5 answers for a small classe).

The following programmes can compete for this ranking: Masters, Masters of Science, Masters of Arts, MBA, specialized MBA and Executive MBA.

See the Official Result of the 2013/2014 Eduniversal Best Master Ranking in Portugal on the following link:


Source: eduniversal